How to apply for a visa for Japan

To apply for a visa to enter Japan, please follow the instructions below.
You can also check information in Khmer and Japanese.
Online visa application is currently available for a short-term stay for tourism purpose ONLY. (Please click here.)

1. Who can apply

(1) Cambodian nationals
(2) Foreign nationals who are legally staying in Cambodia for a long-term VISA
* For those who are staying on an extended Cambodia short-term visa are not eligible

2. How to apply

Please select one of the following methods and prepare the required documents listed below:

(1) At the Embassy or Consular Office in Siem Reap

 A. Working hours (Please check here for closed days)
  (a) Embassy: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Morning ONLY)
  (b) Consular Office: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
  * We will not accept application on closed day or out of working hour.
 B. If your application is accepted, you will be given a receipt with the  date of issuance in exchange of your passport.
 C. An applicant should come in person to apply, as well as to pick up visa, except for the following cases:
  (a) Proxy application through travel agencies approved by the Embassy (Please click here.)
  (b) Application on behalf of a spouse or relative within the third degree of kinship
  (c) Application on behalf of a child under the age of 18 who is accompanied by an adult. (If the parent is not travelling with, a written consent and an authority letter are required.)

(2) Online application

 A. Online application is ONLY available to those applying for a short-term stay visa for tourism purposes. (If your purpose is business, visiting relatives or acquaintances, etc., please apply at the Embassy or Consular office in Siem Reap.)
 B. Please click on JAPAN eVisa website and follow the instruction.
 C. Once your online application is accepted, the system will send you an application acceptance email accordingly.

3. Visa processing day

(1) The visa process takes minimum of 5 working days after the day of application. However, it may take more than 1 month in some cases; when it is necessary to refer the documents to relevant authorities for further examination. Therefore, make sure to apply early, having enough time with regard to your traveling schedule.
* For regular short-term stay visa, please enter Japan within 3 months after the date issuance. Your visa will become invalid after you pass immigration inspection/ enter Japan or when its validity period expires whichever comes first.

(2) For online application, the result will be notified by email approximately 1 week after application status shows “Under examination”.
Please note that online application doesn’t shorten the processing period.

4. Required documents for visa application

Please prepare the following required documents according to your purpose of travel. (Clicking on the purpose of travel for required documents. Please check here for Visa application documents.)
Foreign nationals from China, Russia, CIS countries, Georgia, Philippines, Vietnam who are legally residing in Cambodia, Please check here for details.
Please also note that during the screening process, you may be requested to submit additional documents or attend an interview.

(1) Single-entry visa (short-term stay up to 90 days. Work or activities that receive remuneration are not allowed.)

 A. Tourism (check here for sample sponsorship letter)
 B. Business, etc. (commercial, conference, non-work training, academic/ cultural/ sports exchange, etc.)
 C. Visiting relatives (spouse and relatives within the third degree of kinship)
 D. Visiting acquaintances (including relatives beyond the third degree)
 E. Spouse and children of Japanese nationals residing in Cambodia for a long-term period

(2) Double-entry or multiple-entry visa (for those who will enter Japan for a short-term stay multiple times)

 A. Sightseeing, visiting relatives/acquaintances, business, etc. for Cambodian national (each stay up to 15 days)
 B. Spouse and children of Japanese nationals residing in Cambodia for a long-term period (each stay up to 90 days)
 C. Business purposes (each stay up to 90 days)
 D. Visit of cultural figures and intellectuals (each stay up to 90 days)

(3) Work/Long-term Stay Visa (Please click here if you have a Certificate of Eligibility)

(4) Points to note when preparing required documents for visa applications (1) to (3) above
 A. All documents to be submitted should be printed on one side of A4 paper. (For documents other than A4, please enlarge or reduce the size of the copy.)
 B. Do not staple the documents.
 C. Copies of documents are acceptable unless otherwise specified.
 D. If the document is in a language other than English or Japanese, please attach a translation or indicate the essential information for the review in English or Japanese.
(Example: For family books, birth certificates, etc., make a copy and write the names of the people involved and the parts necessary for examination, such as relationships, so that they can be easily identified.)


5. Collection of passport and fee payment

(1) If you apply at the Embassy or Consular Office in Siem Reap counter
 A. If your application meets all issuance criteria, the visa will be issued on the collection date written on the receipt.
 B. The collection time on working days are as follows (Please check here for closed days.)
  (a) Embassy: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Afternoon ONLY)
  (b) Consular Office: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
 C. Please pay the fee in KHR (CASH ONLY) at the time of collection. USD and credit cards are not accepted. (Please check here for fees)

(2) For online application
 A. Approximately one week after your application status shows “under examination”, the system will send you an email notifying the completion of the review (an email stating that your visa is preparing for issuance). Please follow the instructions in the email to access the JAPAN eVISA website and check payment methods. (Visa information is not included in the email.)
 B. Payment by credit card is accepted. If paying by credit card, the fee will be denominated in JPY with rate specified by the credit card company, and no receipt will be issued.
 C. If you wish to pay the fee at the counter, please present the “Notification of visa fee” email, “Registration information form” and original passport and make payment in KHR (CASH ONLY). At the counter, USD and credit cards are not accepted. (Please check here for fees)
 D. If you pay the fee at the counter, a receipt will be issued.

(3) Visa fee will be waived in the following cases:
*If you wish to have the fee waived, please submit necessary supporting documents at the time of application along with other documents.
 A. Visiting Miyagi, Fukushima, and Iwate prefectures [Applicable to All types of visas]
  * For applications until March 31, 2026
  (a) Tourism purposes
Documents certifying that you will be visiting any of the three prefectures, such as hotels reservation confirmations airline tickets, trains tickets, etc.
  (b) Visiting relatives/acquaintances or business purposes
Documents proving that residence, workplace, educational institution, etc. are in any of the three prefectures or meeting invitation.
 B. Visiting Okinawa for sightseeing purposes [Only applicable to short-term stay single-entry visa]
  * Documents proving your visit to Okinawa, such as hotel confirmation, airline tickets, train tickets, etc.
 C. Undergraduate students from ASEAN countries (graduate and junior college students are NOT eligible)   [Only applicable to short-term stay visa]
  * Documents certifying your status as an undergraduate in ASEAN countries (Certificate of enrollment, a valid student ID, etc.)


6. Others

(1) Visa examinations are conducted in accordance with the basic issuance standards (Please click here). If the visa is refused, it may be because the application does not meet the basic issuance criteria. (Please refer here for details)
(2) For FAQ regarding visa applications, check Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. (Please click here)
(3) “Japan visa information hotline” (Available 24/7, English only) also responds to inquiries regarding general visa applications. (Please click here)