! ! ! Residence Track has been suspended ! ! !
It will be temporarily suspended for the time being until further notice.
For more details: new measures for border enforcement (7) (
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! ! ! Epidemic prevention measures have been strengthened when entering Japan ! ! !
Submission of "a certificate certifying COVID-19 negative within 72 hours before departure (negative certificate)" and "COVID-19 test at the airport" are required when entering Japan for the time being until further notice
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Consular Section visa applications processing: Monday to Friday (except for closing days of the Embassy)
[Embassy of Japan in Cambodia]
            Time of receiving application: 08:00 – 12:00
            Time of picking up results: 14:00 – 16:30

Temporary change
            Time of receiving application: 09:00 – 10:30
            Time of picking up results: 14:00 – 16:00

[Consular Office of Japan in Siem Reap]
            Time of receiving application & picking up results: 09:00 – 11:30, 14:00 – 16:30  

*Kindly bring your identification document (passport or national ID) when you visit Consular Section.
*Please kindly wear a mask.

Points to consider in visa application

(1)  The visa process takes approximately 5 working days and may vary depending on the contents. However, it may take more than 1 month in some cases; when the applicant is requested to submit additional documents or when it is necessary to refer the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (in Tokyo) for further examination. Therefore, make sure to apply early for a visa leaving enough time for the process.
(2)  It is not possible to process/issue a visa in a short period less than 5 working days.
(3)  After completion of visa application process, the results will be notified to the applicants at the consular counter of the embassy. (Pickup date is written on the receipt.)
(4)  An applicant must come to the embassy in person to apply (as well as picking up the passport) except for application via accredited proxy travel agencies (list of proxy travel agency). Application by proxy such by family, a friend and a non-accredited travel agency etc., and by mailing is not acceptable.
(5)  All the documents, excluding the passport, submitted with the application will not be returned.
(6)  Required documents to be submitted should be original documents unless specifically indicated.
(7)  All required documents should be valid at the time of visa application, and submitted within 3 months from the date of issue.
(8)  Validity of visa is 3 months from the date of issue and is not extendable.
(9)  It is not possible for a temporary pick up of a passport during the examination process. Please plan accordingly before you apply. However, in emergency case from a humanitarian perspective, you may write a letter stating the reason and submit it with supporting documents as a proof to request for a temporary pick up of your passport. (This does not apply to any reasons related to other country’s visa application, or overseas trip for pleasure etc.)
(10)  The following applicants are eligible to apply for a visa:

     *Frequently Asked Questions

Basic documents required for visa application

Visa for Temporary Visit (single-entry visa: for a stay within 90 days or less)
      Tourist visa
Relative visit (invited by relatives residing in Japan)
      Acquaintance/friend visit (invited by an acquaintance/a friend residing in Japan)
      A spouse or a child of Japanese national who is residing in Cambodia
     ◆ Business visa
Transit visa

Visa for Temporary Visit (Multiple-Entry Visa)
      Multiple-entry visa for Cambodian national (for each stay within 15 days)
      A spouse or a child of Japanese national who is residing in Cambodia (for each stay within 90 days)
      Business affairs (for each stay within 90 days)
      Intellectual (for each stay within 90 days)
Other Visas
      Visa for medical stay
Long-term visa (for a stay over 90 days or within 90 days that includes paid activities and limited to those who possess a Certificate of Eligibility)

Application documents for download

Visa application form (it must be signed by applicant)
Schedule of stay(for business affairs, visiting acquaintance/relatives, it has to be prepared by inviter in Japan.)
          Schedule of stay
Please be sure to fill in the date of arrival and departure as well as the flights, an airports/ports to be used for arrival and departure (just a plan at the time of application). Submission of air ticket booking confirmation sheet is not required.
Fill in the place of stay in detail (in case of a hotel; name, address and phone number).
The schedule of stay needed to be written by stating activities for each day including the detailed information above. 

Letter of oath/letter of guarantee
In case you are applying for a visa and having someone residing in Cambodia paying for all expenses during your stay in Japan, please click here for more information. 

Letter of consent for minor (an applicant who is a minor without having legal representative accompanying to Japan)
     ・ Letter of consent for minor (made and signed by legal representative)
     ・ Family book to proove kinship
     ・ Passport copy of legal representative

Documents need to be prepared by inviter/guarantor in Japan

Visa application with any insufficient documents is not acceptable. Please make sure to check and prepare all original documents required from Japan side you have received before applying for a visa.
Letter of guarantee
 Letter of invitation

Visa fee (for application from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022)

Please pay the exact mount in Khmer Riels.
  • Single entry visa:          115,000R
  • Multiple entry visa:       230,000R
  • Transit visa:                    25,000R
           **Visa fee is revived every year on April 1.

Visa Fee Exemption

The following conditions are applicable to visa fee exemption. Please submit supporting documents indicated (it will not be exempted unless you are able to prove your travel to the listed prefectures)

  [Visiting Miyagi, Fukushima or Iwate prefecture: applicable to all types of visa applied before 31 March, 2028]
     ・ As a tourist: documents to prove your visit to any of mentioned prefectures such as hotel, air ticket, and train ticket reservation confirmation sheet or meeting invitation letter.

     ・ Visiting acquaintance/relatives or business affairs: documents to prove that residential area, workplace or educational institution and such is located in any of mentioned prefectures.

 [Visiting Okinawa: single entry visa for tourism]
     ・ Documents to prove your visit to Okinawa such as hotel, air ticket and train ticket reservation or confirmation sheet.  

[Students in ASEAN nations (exclusive to bachelor students): temporary visitor visa]
     ・ Documents to prove that you are currently a bachelor student in a university in ASEAN nations (such as certificate of enrollment, student ID card).

Contact information/mailing address

[Embassy of Japan: Consular Section]
Address: #194, Moha Vithei Preah Norodom, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, CONSULAR SECTION, EMBASSY OF JAPAN
Tel: +855 23 217161-64       
[Consular Office of Japan in Siem Reap]
Address: Sokha Palace Siem Reap Hotel, Road 60, Phum Trang, Sangkat Slorkram, Siem Reap, Cambodia, CONSULAR OFFICE OF JAPAN
Tel: +855 63 963 801-3
**Please note that we do not accept any application sent to the embassy or consular office.