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2. Study in Japan
This site answers questions about all things related to studying in Japan, such as Japan’s attractive features, the merits of studying here, the information to help you plan your studies in Japan, the hints from people who have studied or are studying here, and information that will help you find a job in Japan after your graduation.

For students who wish to study in Japan, we strongly recommend you to check this site out, to look for "scholarship offers" from various universities in Japan. This site also provides a really helpful option for student to search for "schools" in Japan. In addition, for those who wish to go on a "short term program", you can also use this site to search for the availability of the program from various universities in Japan. Please refer to the following links to each option of the site.

-> Scholarship search
-> School search
-> Short-term program

Study in Japan Virtual Fair 2022 that is organized by JASSO on August 27 and 28 is a free admission fair that any students can join and obtain information about study in Japan as well as an opportunity to chat directly with school recruiter from many universities in Japan. For those of you who is interested in this fair, please kindly refer to the following link for more detailed information about the fair.

This site provides various helpful information for international students who wish to study in Japan. You can access to the information on Japanese schools such as universities, colleges and Japanese language institutes. In addition, this is an official site for “The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)”, which is used to evaluate whether international students possess the Japanese language skills and the basic academic abilities needed to study at universities or other institutions in Japan.
Student Guide to Japan 2019-2020: