Multiple-entry visa for visiting Japan for a spouse or a child of Japanese national who is residing in Cambodia


This visa is eligible for a foreign spouse, legally married to Japanese national who has a long-term residency and employment in Cambodia, and a child of Japanese national who meet all conditions as below:

  1.  who has been in legal marriage with Japanese for more than 1 year (spouse only).
  2.  who is living with Japanese national.
  3.  who has a record of visiting Japan at least once.

*Validity of visa is up to 3 years (first request; valid for 1 year) with each period of stay within 90 days.
*In case you will be staying in Japan for more than 6 months, please obtain a certificate of eligibility for long-term stay.

Required documents

Documents prepared by applicant

  1.  Passport
  2.  Visa application form (affix a 4.5cm×4.5cm photo with white background)
          *also available at consular counter
  1.  Documents proving the current address and the fact of living with Japanese national (such as apartment contract etc.)
  2.  Cambodian birth certificate (only if the applicant was born as a child of Japanese national)
  3.  Letter of reason for requesting multiple-entry visa
  4.  Supplementary documents
           ・ Foreign nationals residing in Cambodia ⇒ Click here

Documents provided by Japanese national

  1.  Cambodian long-term multiple-entry visa, foreigner work permit, passport copy
  2.  Documents proving the current address and the fact of living with the applicant (such as apartment contract etc.)
  3.  Japanese family register

Financial support (provided by applicant or Japanese national)

  1. Certificate of employment
  2. A copy of bank book or salary payment documents

**During the visa process, the applicant may be requested to submit additional documents deemed necessary. All documents listed above have to be original unless specifically indicated.