Multiple-entry visa for business affairs


This visa is eligible for nationals of the Asia Pacific region (excluding China) who wish to enter Japan as temporary visitors for business affairs (attending meeting, market survey, non-paid training, attending exhibition, etc.).
The validity of this multiple-entry visa is up to 3 years, with a period of each stay within 90 days.

Eligible applicant

  1.  Those who work for government enterprises or
  2.  Those who work for companies that are members of Japan Business Association in Cambodia (JBAC), and have their offices located in Japan or
  3.  Those who work for companies accepting an investment form corporation listed on the stock exchange market in Japan or
  4.  Those who work for companies having continual transaction with Japanese companies listed on the stock exchange market in Japan.

Required documents

  1.  Passport (Ordinary MRP in compliance with ICAO’s standard or IC Passport)
  2.  Visa application form signed by applicant (one photo affixed)
          *also available at consular counter
  1.  Certificate of employment
  2.  Documents to prove the status of a company for which an applicant works (such as quarterly corporate report etc.)
  3.  A letter stating the reason for requesting a multiple-entry visa or a letter of reason for invitation provided by the Japan side (for multiple-entry visa).
  4.  Other supplementary documents
           Foreign nationals residing in Cambodia ⇒ Click here

*We do not accept any application in case of company which applicant works does not have office located in Cambodia.

**During the visa process, the applicant may be requested to submit additional documents deemed necessary. All documents have to be original unless specifically indicated.