Single entry visa for tourism

This visa is eligible for those who are visiting Japan only as a tourist and staying at a hotel.

If you plan to stay at relatives' or friend's house, please apply for a visa for visiting relatives or acquaintance/friend.

Required documents

  1.  Passport
  1.  Visa application form
          *also available at consular counter
  1.  A photo(4.5cm×4.5cm,white background)
          Affix it on application form
  1.  Documents to prove ability to pay for travel expenses
          Original copy of bank statement, certificate of deposit bank balance, bankbook (attach a copy) etc.
  1.  Schedule of stay
  1.  Supplementary documents
           ・ Having someone paying for travel expenses ⇒ Letter of oath/letter of guarantee
           ・ A minor traveling without legal representative’s company ⇒ Letter of consent
           ・ Foreign nationals residing in Cambodia ⇒ Click here

**During the visa process, the applicant may be requested to submit additional documents deemed necessary. All documents have to be original unless specifically indicated.