Multiple-entry visa for Cambodian national


This visa is for Cambodian national who visit Japan under the status of “short-term stay” with the purpose of tourism, visiting relatives/acquaintances etc. The validity of this multiple-entry visa is up to 3 years, with a period of each stay within 15 days.

Eligible applicant

A Cambodian national who:
          - holds an ordinary MRP in compliance with ICAO’s standard or IC Passport and
          - has residency in Cambodia

One of the following conditions shall apply to an individual who wishes to apply for a multiple-entry visa:
  1.  An individual who has records of travelling to Japan several times as temporary visitor in the last 3 years, without any record of violations of the laws and regulations during his/her period of stay in Japan, has never been found to have problems with immigration status/residence status in Japan, and has financial ability to defray all expenses or
  2.  An expert panel with sufficient economic capacity or
  3.  A spouse and children of an individual who falls under No. (2)

Required documents

  1.  A valid passport(Ordinary MRP in compliance with ICAO’s standard or IC Passport)
  2.  Visa application form(affix a 4.5cm×4.5cm photo with white background)
          *also available at consular counter
  1.  Proof of finacial means
          Original copy of bank statement or certificate of deposit bank balance or bankbook (attach a copy) of applicant/supporter.
  1.  Certificate of employment
  2.  Documents to prove your residency in Cambodia
  3.  A letter of reason for requesting multiple entry visa (original copy)
In case of above [eligible applicant] No. 1: documents to prove travelling history to Japan several times, with a short-term stay, within the last 3 years (current or a previous passport etc.). If you cannot prove your travelling history, you are not eligible to apply for multiple-entry visa.  
In case of above [eligible applicant] No. 3: documents to prove family relation.

**During the visa process, the applicant may be requested to submit additional documents deemed necessary. All documents have to be original unless specifically indicated.