Research Students

1. Requirements (*application forms are available below)
(1) Nationality: be a citizens of Cambodia
(2) Age: must be under 35 years of age (as of 1 April, at the time of application intake)
(3) Academic Background: a college graduate (includes prospective graduates) or must have completed 16 years of schooling
(4) Academic Transcript: At least 70% of total of cumulative Grade Point Average (or GPA>=2.8/4) (average from first year to final year) in the last university or graduate school attended

2. Period of study
  • Non-regular students: 1.5 year or 2 years
  • Regular students enrolled in master's or doctoral courses: necessary period for the completion of the regular program
  • Including 6-month Japanese language training for grantees who require such training
  (*for more details about non-regular and regular students, please see the guidelines below.)
  • The period of scholarship to higher education is extendable upon a successful screening by MEXT

3. Fields of Study
  • The field which fulfills both (a) and (b):
          (a) The field which you will be able to study and research in graduate courses at Japanese universities
          (b) The field which you majored in university or its related field
  • Some courses are taught in English.

4. Accepting Institution
Universities (Non-regular students, Master's or Doctoral Courses)

5. Necessary documents for Application Intake
  • *Application Form
  • *Field of Study and Research Plan (Research Proposal) [PDF]
  • Academic Transcript for all academic year of university attended
  • ID Card or Student’s Card
== A copy version of original documents such as Academic Transcript can be substituted and submitted for application intake.
Applicants are required to use designated forms for the documents indicated with “*”. Please download these forms at the following URL:
Note: Information is subject to change.

6. Detailed information about Research Students