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Ambassador Horinouchi Message from Ambassador Horinouchi

Welcome to the Embassy of Japan website

I am Hidehisa HORINOUCHI, the new Ambassador of Japan to Cambodia, and I took up my post in October 2016.

Cambodia has been developing steadily since 2000 and, even by just travelling through streets here in Phnom Penh, I can feel the energy that is driving the development, especially from the young people.

As the investments flowing into Cambodia from Japanese companies have increased in recent years, the relationship between Japan and Cambodia grows ever stronger too.

Another factor in the strengthening bond between the two countries came in September this year, when the first direct flights between Narita in Japan and Phnom Penh in Cambodia were launched. As a result of these new daily flights, an exciting new phase of people to people exchanges between the two countries has started.

As the Ambassador to Cambodia, I will exert myself to ensure that the range of exchanges between the two countries expands, and the roots formed by the exchanges go even deeper.

I would like to say to all residents of Cambodia and Japan, letfs work together to promote friendship between Japan and Cambodia!

Ambassador of Japan to Cambodia


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