The following is an outline of procedures to be followed when applying for temporary visitor visas (for a stay in Japan of up to 90 days) for such purposes as short-term business affairs, visits to relatives/acquaintances, and tourism. Application documents vary according to nationality and purpose of visit. Please check before the application.

● A visa application for “short-term business affairs, etc.” means a visa application for the following purposes:
    ○Cultural exchange, exchange between municipalities, sport exchange, etc.
    ○Business liaison, participation in meetings, business consultations, contract signing, after-sales service, advertising, market research, etc., conducted for business purposes during a short period of stay in Japan.

●「A visa application for “visiting relatives/acquaintances, etc.” means a visa application for the purpose of visiting relatives(in principle, the spouse, blood relatives and relatives by affinity up to third degree) and acquaintances (including friends), or for the purpose of tourism.

(Note) In either cases, it is not permitted to perform activities to undertake revenue-generating business operations or Activities to receive remuneration.

【General Points to Consider in Visa Application】  Be sure to read the following


An inviting person/guarantor needs to prepare the “Documents provided from Japan” on the list shown at the end of the list of visa application. Required documents should be original unless specifically indicated.


When these documents are ready, an inviter/guarantor shall send them to a visa applicant(please do not send to the Embassy)The required original documents should not be sent by E-mail or by Fax.It is recommended for an inviting person/guarantor to personally keep a duplicate file copy of these documents.


In principle those who can apply for visa at the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia are Cambodian nationals, foreign nationals who live in Cambodia with resident permit(multiple-entry visa with validity period of over 6-month). Upon completion of the required documents, the visa applicant may submit all the documents to apply for the visa to the Embassy.


The required documents shall be valid at the time of visa application, and shall be submitted within three months of the date of issue. Excluding a passport, the documents submitted shall not be returned.


The visa process takes approximately 5 working days, including the day of the submission of the application, though examination may vary depending on the contents of application. During the visa process the applicant may be requested to submit additional documents deemed necessary. Moreover, the documents may be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan ( in Tokyo ) for further examination.
(Example of additional documents: birth certificate, copy of ID, copy of driver’s license, resident certificate, marriage certificate, Curriculum Vitae, previous passport, photos, letters etc.)


The validity of a visa is 3-month from the date of issue. The validity period cannot be extended.


In principle, after completion of visa process the results will be notified to the applicants at the consular counter of the Embassy.


Points to be noted when documents are prepared in Japan:

  (1) Letter of Reason for Invitation       (Note) the form of “Letter of Reason for Invitation (A4 size)”
The letter should be addressed to the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia.
Please state the purpose of entry in detail to explain activities planned in Japan. (Describe the specific activities, instead of vague references such as “tourism”, “visiting acquaintances”, “visiting relatives”.)

In the column filled by an inviting person, be sure to specify the address, full name and phone number, and please put your company or representative’s seal on this form(Private seals are unacceptable). (Concerning a foreign national who does not possess a seal, a signature of a person in charge in his/her working institution is acceptable).

Please write the full name of an applicant using the Roman alphabet. When there are two or more applicants, write in “xx additional applicants, as shown in attached list of names” following the full name of representative applicant, and attach a list that enumerates the nationalities, full names, occupation and dates of birth of all applicants.
Schedule of stay       (Note) The form of “Schedule of Stay (A4 size)”
Please be sure to fill in the date of arrival and departure as well as the flights and airports/ports to be used for arrival and departure.
Fill in the place of stay in detail (in case of a hotel, its name, address and phone number).

The schedule of stay needed to be written by stating activities for each day, including the detailed information above.

Letter of Guarantee       (Note) the form of “Letter of Guarantee (A4 size)”
Be sure to complete all items in the Letter of Guarantee, as the omission of even a single item renders the Letter of Guarantee incomplete ( the same goes for an omission of a seal).
Complete the form in the same manner as the Letter of Reason for Invitation.
A Certified Copy of the Family Register

Submit an original copy of the family register issued by the head of administration of the registered domicile, issued within the last three months.

Certificate of Income

Submit an original copy of the Certificate of Income issued by the head of administration of the place of residence that describes the gross income for the previous year(if not available, for the year before last).

Certificate of Tax Payment

Submit an original copy of the Certificate of Tax Payment issued by the director of the taxation office with jurisdiction over the place of residence that describes the gross income for the previous year (if not available, for the year before last)(Form 2).

A copy of the counterfoil final Tax Return

 Please submit a copy of the counterfoil of final tax return with the seal of reception of the Tax Office. (e-Tax: please submit 「Receipt of notification」 and 「Final tax return」.



Documents on an Inviting Organization in the case of the purpose of “Short-Term Business Affairs, etc.”
In principle, an inviting organization should be a corporate body, an organization, the state or a local government. However, for example, if a university is extending an invitation for the purpose of exchanges under the name of a professor, the university is recognized as an inviting organization.
In the case of an organization registered as an incorporated entity, submit a certified copy of the incorporation register issued within the last three months (not necessary for the state or a local government). In the case of a company listed on a stock exchange in Japan, it may alternatively submit a copy of the latest edition of a quarterly corporate report.

In case of an organization not registered yet as an incorporated entity, prepare “An Overview of the Company/Organization”, and submit it in lieu of an original of the register. The form of “An Overview of the Company/Organization (A4 size)” is shown on index 8.

In the case of an invitation by a university professor or an individual, submit the “Certificate of Employment” instead.

《The issuance of multiple-entry visa for short-term stay to Cambodian nationals》

Effective from 18 November, 2013, the government of Japan started accepting application for multiple-entry visa(with a maximum validity of up to 3 years “for a stay of up to 15 days each time” ) of a Cambodian national who lives in Cambodia, (a holder MRP (Machine Readable Passport) or IC Chip passport according to ICAO standard) whose purpose of travel, in accordance with the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, is for (without receiving remuneration in Japan) business affairs, tourism, visiting relatives/acquaintances etc. When applying for multiple-entry visa, please make sure to state it in the visa application documents. However, please understand that in some cases multiple-entry visa may not be granted after examination

《Work and Long-term stay》

When an application for visa is made for the purpose employment, residency, etc. in Japan, it is necessary for a proxy in Japan to obtain the “Certificate of Eligibility” and for the visa applicant to file a visa application at the Japanese embassy/consulate-general by submitting the original copy of the Certificate of Eligibility.
In order to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, a proxy in Japan should make an application with the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice to the proxy’s place of residence in Japan. (An application for Certificate of Eligibility cannot be made at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)
When the Certificate of Eligibility cannot be obtained for some reason, a visa application can be made directly at the Japanese embassy/consulate-general. Please be advised that in such a case, it may take considerable time before the outcome of the examination of a visa application is known.
《Visa for Medical Stay》
“Visa for Medical Stay” is a visa issued to foreign patients and accompanying persons for medical purposes, and the system of issuing visa for this purpose was in place in January, 2011.

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